Self-Care Simplified

Self-care is more than a trend or catch-phrase. It's an important part of our emotional and physical wellbeing. The conversation around the importance of mental health being equally as important as physical health is growing Yet, we continue to make time for and prioritize just our physical needs: doctor’s appointments, diet, medication regiment, etc. There is a give and take between the two, when you physically feel healthier, you tend to emotionally feel healthier and vice versa. So, let’s make time for the emotional self-care as well.


  • What are things that make you smile? Relax? Belly laugh? Feel accomplished?

  • Write them down!

  • Categorize: What is a self-care activity you can do in 5 minutes? 15 minutes? On occasion an hour?

Find that 5 minutes (or 15, or 30, etc.) in your day!


Just Being

I think many of us struggle with the belief that we are not good enough. Our society and our brains themselves often guide us towards making comparisons between ourselves and others or even between our actual selves and some idealized version of ourselves. More times than not, these comparisons result in one of two things. We either find ourselves to be less than or better than in some way, and neither of these results tend to be productive for us. Our sense of value and worth may get tied up in external validation and in the belief that we have to do certain things or have certain things in order to be enough.


I heard someone say recently, “We are human beings, not human doings.” I think it’s important to remember this idea and to know that we are each so much more than a list of things we do or a list of accomplishments. We are more than a degree, more than a job, more than a hobby, and more than any single one of the roles we take on in our lives.


I believe in positive affirmations and being intentional in what we surround ourselves with and what we say to ourselves. Because of this, I have my own bathroom mirror covered in phrases and quotes that are meaningful to me. One of my favorites says, “I’ve decided that I’m good enough.” I remind myself of this often, and hope for you to do the same, knowing that no matter what we are doing, we are enough and have worth and value just because we are. Being alone is enough.


Give yourself some time this week to just be. Take a few deep breaths in and out, and know that you are enough!



One of the things I enjoy most about meditation is the idea of anti-thought. When I first heard this phrase it struck me a little odd.  I’ve always heard and understood meditation to be this place of reflection, to organize thought or an Eastern approach to finding your Chi. As I began to embrace meditation as a form of anti-thought I found myself enjoying the process and looking forward to my next meditation session. 

The developers at Headspacehave created a wonderful app to help you explore the value of anti-thought.  A seemingly endless library of guided and unguided meditation sessions will help you to learn to allow thoughts to pass by as if they were cars whizzing by in traffic. The sessions focus on a variety of topics from stress and anxiety to grief and relationships teaching you to acknowledge your positive and negative thoughts experience their emotional connection and then allow them to pass by. 

If you have a busy life and find yourself feeling overwhelmed by tasks and thoughts try take a few minutes to find the right headspace.